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Conners Wealth Management, (CWM), was founded on one basic principle: Trust. At the core of what I (and my associates) do, is one common element: you the client. Client centered needs and meeting those needs is where we begin. Our clients understand that relative returns are indeed important, while protecting principal is essential. I have twenty five years experience successfully navigating clients through strong and weak markets. Emotions can inhibit an investor. As a firm, the equity and credit markets are viewed as favorable asset classes, yet the characteristics and what determinations are based on is derived from your input and what is ultimately implemented. Our objective is to have you experience a favorable outcome; over an extended period of time. However, we do not generally believe in buy and hold strategies. This is why we stress the importance of our advisory program, where you limit your cost to a flat-fee in lieu of transaction costs. Simple. You can decide "before"  working with us, if the "advisory fee" and our unique service is attainable and appropriate for your situation.

The business relationship begins, and the evolutionary business relationship unfolds. We are monitoring and performing our best work possible at all times for you and your family. We take special pride in your success. Your success naturally becomes our success.

Financial advice that is customized for your specific needs which is tailored solely for you, this is what we aim to provide. Each client has a different personality, perspective, tolerance to risk, and other distinguishing factors. Each client,of course, values different strengths of our firm. You can expect "concierge-oriented" advice and service from me and associates. Client interaction, customized advice, respect for risk, and a keen eye on your objectives allows for reliable input; on a regular and ongoing basis. Down markets, recessions, should not effect your lifestyle. If it does, we believe the risk was not assesed accurately from the start of the financial planning process. From the first engagement, to decades later we strive for consistency in an inconsistent market(s) and ever-evolving environment.

We do not make promises of giving you the highest return, the lowest cost or fee.In fact you may not be able to work with us since we may not be a good fit. We seek sound risk-adjusted returns that are properly aligned with what your "target interest rate" for you or your householdYour target % rate  is a key element of how we style and cater to your objectives. Is achieving the highest return really what is the most essential aspect of what you are seeking from a money management firm? I believe (like many current clients) that consistency is everything. If we can assist in smoothing out a volatile environment and have it so the journey is as pleasant as the destination, then we have performed our service that meets "our" criteria. Perhaps this coincides with your criteria as well.  Since we all know that greed and fear are at the heart of emotionally charged investing day in and day out, "objectivity" is essential to achieve your financial objective(s). Consistency and down-side risk need to be managed-not ignored. Timing markets is a fools activity. However,timing economic evolution and inherent risk-levels certainly is not. We do our best to deliver our promise to you. Honest and communicative weekly input and advice, contingent on external factors is at the center of the pride we take in establishing our working relationships.

An investment strategy that is quantified to the extent that it may represent the most objectivity possible can add more clarity. Many hang their hat on past returns. You know what the prospectuses say in regard to this!  Past performance simply should not be relied upon as an indicator of future results.  Maximizing returns within the context of minimizing risk is what we seek. Investing in an intelligent manner,that is focused on you (and your family) is what matters most- not me or our associates!  Careful consideration is taken into account relative to your particular time frame.  Aside from economic headwinds, (or tailwinds), other factors need to be assessed to have your retirement be what you had in mind-without any surprises along the way. Is there any guarantee to your performance, or to your reaching your objectives? No. But, those that are truly dedicated to your financial future is what separates us from many. This is where you will receive a unique experience that has you engaged and surprised as to how a great boutique firm can be... Try us out, you may be glad you did.

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